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You mean Alex "Bochephus Bo-Halen" as he's referred to by Sammy Hagar in the Live Without a Net concert film? Alex Van Halen was a HUGE inspiration to me when I was a teenager, and still is. Great great drum and cymbal sounds... I personally really like the fact that he has put together some of the neatest drum setups ever! I love the one he had for the Fair Warning Tour (black and white striped Ludwig smoked vistalites), you can see it if you have VH-1 Classic during Rock Fest of Metal Mania shows... they sometimes show live clips for Unchained, Hear About It Later or So This Is Love?

One of the best at the "fast rock shuffle" feel (for lack of a better name). Everyone knows about Hot For Teacher, but check out Hang Em High... he is SO underrated because of his little brother (uh, what's his name again?)

Had the good fortune to meet him in '98 (yeah, Gary Cherone era, I know) and he was a very warm, nice guy, smiled a lot. I told him "I'm a drummer too". He said, "yeah, cool." and then I said, "you messed up my technique". He had a puzzled look on his face then I told him "all rimshots on the 2 and 4 backbeats from listening to you man!" (He got the joke) We shared a big laugh, posed for a picture then it was over. I have a very blurry photo due to poor lighting and a disposable camera. But man, was it ever great to meet one of my heroes.
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