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Default Re: Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I don't think your issue is faulty sticks. I think your issue is your set up and the way you're playing your cymbals.

As I watch your playing, I see that the crash cymbal on your left is low and angled so that when you crash on it, you're actually doing a couple of things that your sticks clearly hate. First, while you're not a basher, your grip could be a little looser when it comes to crashing your cymbals. Secondly, because of the angle your stick is making with the cymbal, and especially how the cymbal tilt gets extreme after you hit it, you're getting a lot of stick tip on a cymbal your trying to crash. If it was a ride and you were playing it that hard with a stiff grip, the sticks would break the same way, but people don't tend to hit rides as if they were crashes - unless they're trying to crash them, of course, but in that case, they're not using the tip of the stick.

Whenever I see a stick breaking up near the tip on the shoulder, I always think the angle of something, somewhere on the kit is too steep and your snare and toms look fine. I'd seriously think about raising that cymbal up and/or flattening it out a bit. That A Custom on your right is kinda the same thing, but it looks like a crash you're trying to ride on, so that's a little different. But isn't helping matters because when you go to crash it, you're catching a lot of tip on it, too.

I don't think any of my crashes have ever been hit with a stick tip (again, ride cymbal just doesn't get the force a crash cymbal does) and none of my sticks break where yours are breaking.

Funny because I posted earlier today on this very topic. When I was young and breaking my sticks up there like yours, an older drummer identified that I had EVERYTHING too tilted and that was causing my stick woes. I leveled everything out like he said and haven't had that problem since.

Thanks, the A custom on the left is a 17" fast crash that i am using as a ride until i buy a ride. I used to play with my cymbals flattened out alot more but then i cracked the cymbal on the right up near the bell, once the crack progresses i will end up with a splash haha. I though it was either from the cymbal being 20 years old and being abused at a school for 18 of those years before i got it or from having it flattened out so when i bought my A custom i figured i better tilt them a bit to prevent them from cracking that way again. I will be buying another crash, ride and a china of A customs in a few weeks so i need to decide how to make them last as best as i can, that also involves replacing that cheap nasty stand on the right that is already at it's max height because it is so short.
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