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Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Yes indeed IF I know what someone is stating is not factual, in other words has no *hard data* behind it. A few personal observations are not data, sample size is small and inherently biased already (for example maybe your observations are in all male clubs, or in clubs with music that does not attract many females). Look at how many musicians there are, and then how many are female, and so on.

The book reading helps. This is about opening your mind to the work showing that gender bias exists everywhere and there are simple historical and culture reasons for it (see post by Anduin) that we can easily all be aware of (and that still don;t make it right)

Its like this .....When little Sally shows an interest in music, the drums are the last thing her parents would talk her into. This was the case in 1930, 1950 , 1980 and is only maybe slowly changing today.
While your points are valid, I don't need any further proof of gender bias. Anyone who has been alive for more than 15 minutes sees this everyday.

Originally Posted by Jostne View Post
There's nothing sexist about observing that there are fewer female drummers, of course! It's just a fact. Is someone arguing that it is? I'm late to the party here so maybe that was a previous argument. To American women it's just more respectful to say " women" or "female" vs "girl" when you are referring to them in a non-playful manner. And it's a double standard when men are not called "boys" in the same manner that women are called "girls", typically. That's just another fact. And thank you for saying "female" in your last post instead of "girl". See, you really do listen even though you pretend not to. ;) ;) ;)
This has been a moving target. You haven't missed much.

I usually say female. That was a mistake, though - because the original post was about 'girl' drummers. So my use of the term 'female' was incorrect. Please disregard.

But basically, this has originated on the premise that 'girl' drummers get more views on youtube videos (or attention in general), simply because they are female, and not their ability to play the drums well (or any better than their male/boy counterparts). And the term of 'girl' is sometimes used correctly. I saw a video with two qualifiers ~ "great girl drummers (for her age)". Uuuggghh.
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