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Default Re: My favorite sticks

I'm not to picky about my stick sizes... I can play most any brand's 5A size sticks, whther they be just regular 5As or signature sticks.

I do have a long lasting love affair with the Vic Firth 85A. When I discovered that stick, I bought about 50 or so pairs of them when they went on sale for Black Friday. I use them for most any genre except for when I am playing pretty hard for whatever reason.

I also fell in love with the Vic firth Buddy Rich stick. I use it for rock, jazz and everything in between.

I have over 200 pairs of ticks, consisting of most of the major brands in sizes from 5A to some 5B weight sizes (including many types of signature sticks from Vic Firth and ProMark). I use to work at Guitar Center, so my prices were cheap, and I would stockpile all types of sticks, since they were so cheap and I play so much. I ma play with a different type of sticks everytime I play... regardless of genre, whatever feels right on that day!
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