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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
Yeah, I enjoy this aspect of discussions...

My observations appear to be sexist, but then if I attempt to equal the results, then there is more sexism. There is no place for political correctness (unless you are attempting to be elected to a political office).

If I say that more male drivers race cars than women, I'm sexist - right?
It is my observation. How is that wrong?
Are there female drivers? OF COURSE!
Can women race cars? YES!
Can women race cars well? YES!
Is race car driving dominated by men? YES!
Is it politically correct to say any of this? I don't care - it is true, based on my observation.

Now replace race car drivers with drummers. Everything still fits.

*edit: It may very well be a sheer numbers thing - i.e. 1 in 100 drummers would be exceptional, 5 in 100 would be great, maybe 2 of those 100 drummers might be female. So where they fall in could be anywhere in that group of 100. If there were more participants, then perhaps numbers would fall in line. Nobody here is trying to suggest that those two females can't excel, but rather the odds of those two being seen is a rarity (unfortunately). But if 98% (arbitrary assignment) participants are male, there is a large percentage the exceptional ones will be male. I just haven't found that sample of the 2 (or overwhelming minority) excel in that group. I've always seemed to have seen the average (in rare cases, above average - but then is my perception skewed?).
There's nothing sexist about observing that there are fewer female drummers, of course! It's just a fact. Is someone arguing that it is? I'm late to the party here so maybe that was a previous argument. To American women it's just more respectful to say " women" or "female" vs "girl" when you are referring to them in a non-playful manner. And it's a double standard when men are not called "boys" in the same manner that women are called "girls", typically. That's just another fact. And thank you for saying "female" in your last post instead of "girl". See, you really do listen even though you pretend not to. ;) ;) ;)
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