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"the streets"?...Bop was born out of human curiosity, plain and simple.
Anyone who's played an instrument for any amount of time has played with themes and generally "noodled", discovering new sounds from their instrument.
Bop just took that to an art form and eventually, a varient of the Jazz idiom.
Hard Bop simply describes attitude.
In the 90's we would've called it Aggressive Bop.
Watch how Blakey plays and you'll see what Hard Bop is all about.

yes the streets

it is a NYC thing, a harlem thing , a social commentary

and I don't think it had anything to do with curiosity...what were they curious about? was expression, inspiration, and a changing of the guard and just happened to be spear headed by some of the most talented musicians in the history of music itself.
a style created by guys playing after hours in smokey rooms for little to zero money

these cats created bebop to leave behind the swing days of old and play something the old timers would not understand

they weren't curious....they were hungry

much like hip hop of the late 70s and 80s was built on improvisation, collaboration , and the soul of the streets of NY city

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