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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Oh well, then your speculation was questionable. In matters of skill I think you will find far greater difference within genders than between them.

Males tend to have more fast-twitch fibres in their muscles so that may be your angle, but I don't equate speed with quality as a musician and but some people seem to think the acrobatic component of music is paramount (I see speed as one of the least important things in drumming, except in a few genres and subgenres).

Happy to help you change your perception.

You have based your speculation on 3.5 billion people on a handful of girls in your old school - a particular place in a particular time with a particular culture with a particular availability of role models with particular instructors and the girls had their individual family situations, who will have attitudes about women on drums (as opposed to girls on drums - a lot of girls quit sports prematurely too).

Add society's stereotypical views about gender and drummers and you have far too many qualifying and mitigating factors to allow for valid speculation about comparative physiological aptitude.
Regarding different muscle fibers - I was not at all referring to the physical ability, rather the mental framework. We've all learned in life that various activities are usually more mental than physical. I believe that drumming is a LOT of neurological training.

I'm amused by the amount of misconceptions and assumptions being made about me personally. Not sure how that equates to this topic (as if I base this off of a particular moment in time in one specific area).

So if there are too many factors allowing speculation, I should just turn my pens and pencils in, and accept that nothing can explain it, but I'm wrong.

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
The question really is: Aren't there more male musicians then female around generally? (And I rather mean professional adults)
So it probably has nothing to do with anything drumming specific I guess.
This. Just last night I was at a show. Of the 11 bands that played - there were two female musicians. One was a bass player/vocalist. A guy turns to me and says,"I love girl bass players. I think they're hot."

She wasn't impressive as bass player, but that didn't stop my friends from being amazed.

This observation does span across more instruments (and also reverse with a few, where I've seen more females excel than males), I was just trying to stay within the context of drumming.

Originally Posted by Jostne View Post
Wow, the age old debate never dies, eh? Are you really going to refer to us all as "girl drummers"? We don't say "boy drummer" although maybe we should start. I'm a full grown woman thank you very much.
Yeah, PC isn't for me. If people get offended by being called girl (within the context of girls/guys, even though it has been gals/guys vs girls/boys) - there are bigger issues here.
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