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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Fair points about girl vs woman, although it should be said that the circle turns and sometimes when one reaches a certain age, being called a girl or chick again is ... refreshing.

It's true that "girl" and "boy" can be to help enforce subjugated status, but it's pretty well never the case on this site. These words are almost invariably coming from young males whose world consists of "guys and girls" - no intent, no harm, no foul IMO
I think most of the time the word "girl" isn't intended to be offensive. Most guys toss the word around without really thinking about it. It is inappropriate to refer to adult women who play the drums as "girl drummers" though. I see your point about it coming full circle after a certain age. It's like reaching that point when your flattered to get carded for beer. :)

Karl, that picture is amazing! I need to learn more about these women.
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