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Default Re: Girl drummers

Blah blah blah blah blah.

How’s our favourite dead horse doing?

In the UK (correct me if I’m wrong), “boy” is a pretty normal term for any male human. Not insulting at all.

And while we’re picking nits, “gender” has little to do with “male” and “female”: those are sexes, not genders per se.

Here’s my (completely unsupported) theory on why there are so few female drummers: women in the Western world are taught from a very young age that it’s somehow wrong to sit with legs apart, so sitting at a kit with a snare drum in the normal position causes mental anguish (conscious or otherwise) which manifests as a general uncomfortable feeling about drumming. Or, similarly, our young wannabe-drummer may have a great desire to play, but she’s put off by thoughts that other people will judge her as un-ladylike, which is, again, something she’s been taught to avoid. (Note, however, that this argument seems irrelevant when you look at the large number of female cellists. Go figure.)
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