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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Karl, was she to the best of your knowledge the first women drumkit drummer?
I see what you mean, but if I remember the piece correctly, they didn't list VS as the first "drum kit" player. Could be wrong, but I don't recall "drum kit" being singled out.
It was Gretsch publicity too, so they'd say whatever they wanted in an advertisement for a pretty lady on their drums.

I have no idea on how "rare" she was as a drummer. She and her sisters were all in Vaudeville at an early age (under 12 for sure) though.

I don't have any pics of my Grandmother on a "tensionable lugs on both heads" kind of kit from back then. She probably played what was a "trap" kit with a Chinese tom, snare and all that.
I have a pic of her when she was older on a Radio King 4 piece kit.
I have pics of my Grandfather on a tunable kit, and some marching pics of him.

This is the only pic I have available on PB of her ATM--Nelly Jay and her Jay Birds--think this is 1926

If I only had that bass drum.... :-)

I have A bass drum (Leedy), but not this one.
My band Artificial Agent here:
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