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Default Re: Remo Emperor vs Remo Ambassador Heads

Maybe tighten the head up just a touch more. 1/4 turn-ish on each lug (don't forget the bottom heads too)

When you get to the venue they'll probably sound deeper than you think. That always happens to me anyway. A little more articulation with the bigger drums can't hurt either!

I really don't dent the CA's at all, even with the butt end sticks. Other guy's that play lighter than me have dented my heads though. I'm thinking it's from the stick tips. The butt end is about twice as wide, so it must distribute the impact better. I love the sound, so not denting is a bonus!!

After a long while they'll get smooth from being played on, and after a while a pit might happen, but that's after months of use--or an exciting gig haha!
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