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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
I simply stated PERHAPS it is a masculine trait. I personally don't feel that there is any actual testing of genetic predispositions for various instruments. I was just merely speculating.
Oh well, then your speculation was questionable. In matters of skill I think you will find far greater difference within genders than between them.

Males tend to have more fast-twitch fibres in their muscles so that may be your angle, but I don't equate speed with quality as a musician and but some people seem to think the acrobatic component of music is paramount (I see speed as one of the least important things in drumming, except in a few genres and subgenres).

Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
There were plenty of female drummers back in my school days, and in the drumlines I've marched with. I've played along side many female drummers. Like I said, I didn't just come up with my observations out of thin air. I didn't put females in certain chair sequences, or judge their ability. I simply watched what happened. I encourage all musicians to pursue their goals.

In fact, I'd like to help change my perception, along with those people who see the same things I do. But - my issue with that is self-conflicting. How does one encourage females to do something, without being sexist in the first place?
Happy to help you change your perception.

You have based your speculation on 3.5 billion people on a handful of girls in your old school - a particular place in a particular time with a particular culture with a particular availability of role models with particular instructors and the girls had their individual family situations, who will have attitudes about women on drums (as opposed to girls on drums - a lot of girls quit sports prematurely too).

Add society's stereotypical views about gender and drummers and you have far too many qualifying and mitigating factors to allow for valid speculation about comparative physiological aptitude.


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