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Default Re: Remo Emperor vs Remo Ambassador Heads

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
It seems to be me 2 ply yields a thicker and meatier tone.
I think this is true but only because of the dampening that comes with a two ply head.

I've played 2-ply heads since Pinstripes were in vogue and have used Emperors (or G2s) since about '90 or so. But the last year I got curious enough to try Ambassadors and I can tell you without a doubt that they yield more tone AND a sharper attack. The biggest downside is their much shorter useful lifespans. The Ambassador batters on my toms started sounding flat and papery after about 6 months. I put Emps back on but couldn't handle the comparatively dull and muted sound, so I went back to Ambassadors.

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever go back to 2-ply heads.

I'm not wild about 10 mil Ambassadors for snares, though, but there's an Ambassador-X at 12 mils and Ambassador X14 (14 mil) that are more open than a 2-ply and seem pretty durable at higher snare tunings. I'd like to try those thicker Ambs on my toms but they're not available in 18" (that I've seen, anyway).
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