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Originally Posted by longgun View Post
Wow.......didn't think it snowed that bad over there.
It generally doesn't, except for a few isolated places. I just happen to live in one of them. This time out, snow was fairly widespread over much of the UK. That's quite rare, but most places only got 4-6 inches. We got well over 1 foot in a few hours, & that's typical for us maybe twice each winter. That said, last year there was almost nothing, the year before, we had 2.5 feet in 28 hours!

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Looks like a Bentley front now actually! Have fun tomorrow : )

I think you're right Abe. An Audi front with a Bently back end. Thankfully not Bently money or running costs :) I actually managed to dig the car out an hour ago.
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