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Default Re: Bass drum pedal(s) setting : The “effortless” method.

This is a great thread, surprised by the few answers. Maybe most people are clinging onto Bo's method ;)

Well, after increasing my throne height a bit I feel like I'm getting closer to my desired feel. But I have a hard time getting power into the strokes without burying the beater, it's harder for me to get the strokes dead on time as well. But the bassdrum sounds so much better when letting the batter head vibrate so I have to change my technique. I realized that by burying the beater you're pretty much tuning the batter head tighter with every stroke, it cuts the low end, and also, my 10" and 12" toms resonate much more along with the bassdrum since I'm producing more mid frequencies with the bassdrum as well, resulting in the bassdrum sounding even brighter. (worse)

Did you change any pedal settings, tuning etc, in order to stop burying the beater, or was it only a matter of committing to a new technique? I feel like it's a bad habit I have to quit. :(
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