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Waiting for this ' worst snowstorm since the 19th century' to strike.
I Check the weather forecast which claims the current staus is Foggy, I'm pretty certain if it wasn't for the house opposite blocking my view i'd be able to see the Eifel Tower!! it's clear as a bell!!
If you can't get the weather right as it happens how the hell are you gonna trust any predictions! people are buying bread and other supplies at the supermarkets as if there's a friggin' Zombie apocalypse coming, the media are at maximum scaremongering level and the sheep of our nation are sucking it all in and going crazy.
I don't know what has happened to our once unflappable country but it really is quite pathetic.
There should be no reason why anyone living in any kind of urban environment should have any fear of a bit of snow. People who live out in the sticks, living off the land or the land providing their income, I can understand they need to be prepared for harsh weather strikes. I might be worried if I lived on high ground with a family of 5, the snow whirling drifts up my door only to realise that I'd forgotten to drop into Tesco after milking my cows! we've only got half a tin of beans and a crust of bread! i've lent my snow chains to Big Al the goatherd and my tractor has thrown a tyre!!
Urbanites, Oh no, there are only 20-30 major retail parks/supermartkets/general stores/restaurants/pubs/bars/neighbours etc etc withing a few minutes of your homes! How will you survive this snowstorm!! God help us, you must get stocked up, you could be stuck here for hours!! trapped, with no chance of rescue from your snow embalmed urban tomb!!
Pathetic! no reason for this ridiculous panic. please get a grip!!

gotta go, i'm out of bread and milk and it's just started snowing!!

Rant over!
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