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Default Re: To Port or not to Port...

It really depends on what you want it to sound like. Basically non ported kicks go "boom" and ported kicks go "thwap". My 22x18 Renown came with an unported reso. It also came with an EMAD batter. Which is a really mixed thing, the dead EMAD with an ringy front head. I first pulled the foam ring out of the EMAD and it sounded much better. But the boom was so great that I could feel the drum vibrating though the pedal. So I relieved it with a port. I can still get some boom out of it by tuning the batter up higher. I replaced the EMAD with a SuperKick I had laying around and now it sounds more like Chad Smith than Ginger Baker. Which is what I wanted. Eventually I want to replace the batter with an EQ3 so I have more options on the open side of things.

My Safari kit has an unported reso head. With the tiny 16" kick, it needs the boom and sustain to carry into the room. Cutting a hole in that drum would make it nearly inaudible.
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