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Ok, Bonham is probably my favorite drummer. But I'm not going to come into this discussion with a closed mind. Of course Bonham will always be the grandfather of rock drummers because he was a pioneer. He inspired so many people to become drummers and inspired current drummers in the 70's. These drummers then took his material, studied it, worked it in with their own and expanded their ability. Bonham doesnt have the best chops, i agree with that, and i also agree that he doesnt have the greatest foot speed (great but there are drummers that are faster). But what I'm saying is anyone that studies his work long enough and who has the right amount of skill can mimick or copy a groove that he did, but can they be great enough to CREATE their own lick that surpasses those of Bonhams? Its 10X easier to copy a drum groove rather than to create one yourself (as mentioned in the Buddy rich vs. Bonham thread). Bonhams style of playing had a huge variety in the lines of styles of music. (rock, jazz, blues). He incorporated those styles into his grooves and came up with his own style of playing. No other drummer sounds like Bonham (unless they are trying to copy him). He had his own unique style that hasn't been matched ever sinced (but many have copied). To look at and compare Bonham to Elvin is like comparing apples to oranges. Two completley different drummers and they should be appreactiated both for what they have done to the drumming world and theyre contributions. Elvin contributed greatley to jazz and Bonham contributed greatley to Rock. Its as simple as that. But if someone is going to come on and start saying "oh bonham is such a god...bla bla bla" then this isnt the place for you. These people have never heard someone intelligently critique Bonham before like finnhiggins and theduke have on this thread and to them in theyre mind its totaly wrong because theyve only seen Bonham as a 100% god. Try to be more open minded when it comes to appreaciating drummers and youll expand more in your drumming ability.
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