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Originally Posted by gr82bagn View Post
Rock solid jam session going on there, excellent drumming. That said, OMG! super sweet drums. My first time checking out Guru and all I can say is no EQ on that mix? Thats a beautiful sounding kit.
On behalf of Michele, thank you:) & thanks for your kind words on the kit too. First half of the video is 3 mic's only, second half is with close mic's too.

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post

One thing I noticed in the recent DRUM! issue of 200 Greatest...
They listed that Viola Smith was billed as the FIRST "Female Drummer" because she was in a Gretsch ad in 1939, and in a movie.

Not to disparage her accomplishments, but.....
Pffffffffffffttttttttttttttttt!! I have a scrap book of my Grandmother in 1925-1926 during her touring days in 2 different "All female" groups. She had "billing" in the adverts as well. That's the ONE scrapbook I have--my relatives have all the other stuff.
Wow, now that's something very special :)
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