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Question of great Guru's, I have heard the term Bop, Hard Bop and Bee Bop. What's the difference?

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Bop is usually just short for Be bop

which is basically a style of music that guys like Bird, Diz, Bud Powell, and Monk started playing in NYC in the 1940s.
it is a style that came form the streets, and poverty, and raw emotion.

it has been said that they were trying to create something that the older players would not understand , and would not be able to follow the changes of, so they would not want to get on the band stand and blow.

as Jackie McLean tells it...these guys were basing what they were doing off of the playing of Lester Young , who played be bop style solos and phrases before the inception of be bop.
as did Louis Armstrong much as he hated be bop he had a hand in creating it .

the drumming changed quite a bit as well as far as comping.
no longer was 4 on the floor from the swing era necessary and the bass drum would now comp thanks to guys like Kenny Clarke...... and a lot more of a triplet feel was introduced .
and the ride cymbal pattern started to break up quite a bit more than it had in the past

Hard Bop is something that followed be bop in the 1950s and early '60s

guys like Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers , the Coltrane Quartet, and Miles famous group with Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock,and Ron Carter .....were playing more modal stuff than the chord changes of early bebop and playing it a little harder and louder
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