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Your "drumming is inherently masculine" angle is way off the beam, you might like to check out the book "When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm".

The reason why not so many women play drums drum is a traditional stereotype based on patriarchal suppression. In short, it would read "Men are strong, women are weak. Drumming is a robust activity and it is unfitting of a lady to do such an activity". I have spoken with many women who have expressed a wish to play drums, but they say they "can't". What they mean is they are afraid of being judged as masculine.

Do you see a lot of men playing the harp? Genetic predisposition? I wonder how many guys don't do dancing when they are young because it's perceived as feminine in the world of brain-dead jocks?

Meanwhile, fundamentalist Islamists will tell you that women are unsuited to being educated because we are unable to reason logically. Some nice irony there, no?


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