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Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
If you have no doubt there's some outstanding, talented female drummers out there,why did you post such sexist comments? It doesn't make sense...

This forum include several female drummers, some of which are extremely talented, do you really have to see them before your eyes to acknowledge their talent?

Female drummers are a minority in the drumming world, for sure, but they are as good and bad as any male drummers, to assume that a gender defines "good" or "bad" is utterly ridiculous, in drumming or any other instruments
(Almost missed this one at the bottom of the previous page - my apologies)

Because the women who post - 'female' drummer, to me, are suggesting that there is a different category, and are initially launching a sexist platform to be judged, as if it is a separate starting point (like the women's tee in golf).

And my comments may appear sexist, because sometimes - in real life - it works out that way. I don't always agree with it, doesn't make it not a reality. Life isn't as politically correct as we all wish.
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