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Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Pretty narrow. I'd suggest you:
get out of your basement,
read some books,
expand your personal observations,
GET some evidence, and increase your sample size, and reduce your BIAS

before you make any assertions on this topic. Everything you are saying is subjective.
I've already conceded this with my earlier posts. In fact, I think I pretty much opened with this. I don't disagree with you (except for the book reading thing - I don't see how this would help me see better drumming). I have every right to make assertions based on my present observations. And I'm here to learn as well.

If someone approaches you and says,"Regarding this topic, I don't agree."

Do you respond and say,"Well you're wrong."

Or like another poster,"Well, I should just quit then (sarcastically)."

To me, it doesn't help anyone. The videos that were posted reminded me of what I already knew to be true, that there are amazing drummers out there, of both genders. I just haven't seen it. To be fair, maybe my expectations are too high in general.

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
So why bother making these comparisons at all? It's like telling somebody in advertising that they're good at their job 'for a girl'. If anybody said that in a workplace I were in charge of, they'd be in a meeting with me in a femtosecond, explaining why they expect the standard of women to be lower. So why say it for female drummers? They're a drummer that happens to have female reproductive organs - so what?!
This was actually my original position. Why post "female drummer"? Why not "drummer"?

I believe for females to be taken the same way in a seemingly male-dominated arena, drop the moniker.

I'm perfectly content with watching any drummer, regardless of gender. Once that person has been self-described as either 'male' or 'female', you've categorized yourself, and I shall put you in the self-labelled container that was requested.
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