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Originally Posted by vxla View Post
Can we see a video of you playing?
I'm nothing special, I assure you.

Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
And that's not the case with the majority of all drummers, regardless of gender? How about you?

Right, you're just an impartial observer. “Regrettably, those seem to be the facts...”

What motivated you to resurrect this dead thread? The spirit of scientific inquiry?
I've stated, this is based on my personal observations only. And I agree that this observation is across genders (regarding limiting one's self). We see this among almost all talents and venues (whether music, sports, science, etc...).

I don't believe you took my comments entirely in their intended context.

The reason this appears to be resurrected is twofold - #1 I haven't checked back here in a while, and #2 if I stated my opinion after reading the other posts on a new thread, it would just be cross-linked anyway, so this just clears up the unnecessary steps.

Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
I've seen other girl drummers, but they all seem limited, almost as if they quit learning - almost saying,"this is as much as I need to develop - and now I'm done."

Perhaps drumming is a prepositioned masculine trait. QUOTE]

Well crap! Not only am I destined to be a failure with my limited abilities, but I'm masculine as well! Guess I better turn in my sticks now! :P

(P.S. - I hope this isn't the same logic you use to encourage your daughter!)
It appears as though you are offended by my comments. I cannot discuss this path, because I do not see it this way. I have no idea how one can take - "I haven't seen it" and turn that around to "It is impossible, so you shouldn't try".

Interestingly enough - I firmly believe that I am not the only one making these observations, but those who agree are usually not willing to take an un-PC approach to real life experiences.

So, for people who believe that female drummers are a common sighting, please share with me your experiences. Even female drummers here - are other female drummers common with you?

To me, Cindy Blackman is an anomaly. One of rare talent, combined with artistic and emotional ability, regardless of gender. And I have not even discussed her ability, because, to me, they can mutually exclusive, and . One can be a GREAT drummer, with little ability. Because there are many types of music, just as there are many types of drummers and styles.
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