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Default Re: Girl drummers

I, admittedly, look at 'girl' drummers with a different set of expectations (sexism at its worst), not unlike a parent looking at a child's artwork compared to an accomplished artist, we are impressed because the standard is lower. So the mere definition of a good 'girl' drummer is completely different than a good drummer. This is based solely off of my own personal observations. This may be offensive, but I don't have enough evidence supporting any contrary theories. I have no doubt of the possibility of a good girl drummer, I just haven't seen one that met my personal expectations.[/QUOTE]

Pretty narrow. I'd suggest you:
get out of your basement,
read some books,
expand your personal observations,
GET some evidence, and increase your sample size, and reduce your BIAS

before you make any assertions on this topic. Everything you are saying is subjective.
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