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You did get your point across. Like I said, I have no doubt that they exist, just my personal experiences have not allowed these individuals (or examples of this level of talent) to cross my path. Perhaps that is an indicator of how inferior my abilities are, when compared to others.

There was one female who did a sound check for another band, and I was anxious to see her play after watching her hit a few cymbals. You know you can tell how good/bad somebody is when you see them swing a stick. There is a clinical way, and an emotional way to play drums (depending on whether it is an innate ability, or taught). She did it 'right', but was too nervous to continue. Admittedly, she was on the spot. But other than the internet, this as far as I've come. I've seen other girl drummers, but they all seem limited, almost as if they quit learning - almost saying,"this is as much as I need to develop - and now I'm done."

Look - guys, I'm not trying to offend anyone. I do have a severely (admitted) sexist approach, but it is founded on observations, not prejudice. In my own home, I encourage my daughters in everything in life as much as my sons. I believe that anybody can do anything. I do not allow my daughters to say "I can't do that, because I'm a girl" or "I'm too small" or anything like that. It disgusts me, and drives me to motivate them even more to succeed. But I cannot force anyone to drum. My youngest daughter is the only girl remotely involved in music, by comparison - both of my sons enjoy it.

Perhaps drumming is a prepositioned masculine trait. Obviously there are women with masculine traits, just as there men who have feminine traits (I have an odd ability to pick out shoes and clothes for my wife).

Without getting in nature vs nuture, I'm just quantifying my perspective with my own observations - admitting (yet again) that I cannot observe what all of you have seen. Perhaps, as I live longer, my observations will enlighten me to what most of you already know.
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