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Originally Posted by Bonzo
One other thing that doesn't ever seem to get taken into account on these threads: Bonham died at age 32. That's it. His whole career was defined by that age. You can't compare what Elvin Jones (76), Buddy Rich (69), or Tony Williams (51) did in relationship to Bonham, because they played and learned and were inspired by each other for decades longer.
That would only be true if we were attempting to compare drummers and their career achievements. We're not. Tony Williams was raised because of the issue of foot speed. Tony was pulling off things with his right foot that make Good Times, Bad Times look like a stroll in the park back in the 1960s and early 1970s, while Tony was in his twenties.

As for the usual, predictable round of "You can't say that about Bonham" / "You guys are so up yourselves" or whatever... come on guys, play the ball, not the man. Bonham was a great drummer, he is one of my favourite rock drummers and indeed one of my favourite drummers of all time. I would not trivialise what he achieved in his (short) career. But he's not, objectively, technically better than a whole load of drummers who were his contemporaries. And his playing is not, objectively, something that is impossible to analyse.

If people stopped making stupid claims for Bonham that are well into the realm of hyperbole then I suspect this thread would cool down a lot.
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