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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
I, admittedly, look at 'girl' drummers with a different set of expectations (sexism at its worst), not unlike a parent looking at a child's artwork compared to an accomplished artist, we are impressed because the standard is lower. So the mere definition of a good 'girl' drummer is completely different than a good drummer. This is based solely off of my own personal observations. This may be offensive, but I don't have enough evidence supporting any contrary theories. I have no doubt of the possibility of a good girl drummer, I just haven't seen one that met my personal expectations.
I guess if you start from a backwards-ass place of assuming assuming female inferiority, you're going to come to that conclusion. If you start from a place of thinking women are human beings, then you wonder what it was that caused this historic difference of outcomes in this one area.

Why don't you post some of your playing, so we can see how an accomplished man artist plays the drums?
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