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Default Re: Concert Behavior

Freebird!!!!!!!!!! lol I hate that song because of that

I imagine this list was made by a shorter person because I rarely have problems seeing over people and Im only 6'. I mostly hate smartphones and after recording 1 band I realized I hadn't seen anything and stopped, but sometimes its nice to catch something that happened at the show when someone else recorded it for you and if everyone stopped it would be gone. Also the smartphone has become the new lighter though its nowhere near as cool when 10000 people hold up phones.

Also if someone is bothering you in general admission just move. As far as going to the front its more complicated, somewhere usually about 1/3 of the way through the crowd people start to defend their spots thats when you stop being a douche and chill but the people at the back don't care and got dragged there usually.

Its rock and roll if it were orderly and controlled it would just be pop.
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