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I think lady drummers have the potential to be much better than men if applied. You can't argue that women are typically more coordinated, more flexible, and most are shown to have better memory. All these advances in the brain would almost certainly mean a better sense of rhythm I'd think. It's just a matter of few of them taking such an interest, and those who do, aren't opperating at their maximum potential. I'll admit that I haven't seen many female drummers I'm impressed with - I'm not saying I haven't seen good ones, but very few have the wow factor that makes me wanna watch more of their stuff.

My daughter just turned two years old, and given the tradition of music in my family, I'm praying she takes an interest in music, drums especially. I'd love to get her started with lessons when she's five, and see if she could progress into a super talented musician. She already plays with drums, loves the practice pad, she's very familiar with them. So I'm hoping that by growing up in the environment, she'll be naturally drawn.
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