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Originally Posted by EvilDrummer View Post
Hey derek!

I'm a big fan of your drumming, you don't play my type of music but I appreciate the skill required.

I'm currently practicing a lot of double bass mostly to get more control over my feet and I do the RH RH RF RF, LH LH LF LF exercise and also single strokes between my feet and hands, groups of three between feet and hands and so on.

I have a lot of different variations of these exercises, do you think it's more effective to practice them for long periods of time say 2 exercises for an hour each every day and just kind of sleep eat and breathe those patterns for say a month or do you think it's better to do maybe 15 minutes of each but do more exercises for 2 hours. Is it better to do few of them for long periods of time and then move on to the next after a few weeks or do you think mixing them up is better and practicing them for a few months maybe?

Also I play bury the beater style but I practice with the beater coming back because it requires more control. Do you think burying the beater will hinder progress? I'm not really interested in playing above 180BPM BTW.

Thanks man.

Keep on rockin, you are awesome.
I believe that pushing yourself as long as you can is the fastest way to get there. The more you use them....the better they get. Don't worry about "how fast" as much as the time limit you put on the exercise. (Now, keep in mind, this is if you're trying to play extreme stuff).
Really, the only exercise you need is the 30 minute free fall to gain control, endurance and speed required for playing extreme metal....or just improving your single stroke capability around the kit.

As far as burying the beater....won't hinder your progress but, it sure will hinder your bass drum sound! Haha.

Good luck and keep at it.

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Derek, Just wanted to say thank for a setup tip you threw out in a thread a few months ago. Since you recomended it I have tried setting up my single bass kit (single pedal) as a double pedal kit with the hi hat taking the place of the second bass drum.

I have noticed that is has worked wonderfully, especially when I have to twist to my right to reach my floor tom. I used to have slight back pain when playing for extended sets but I have noticed that's all but gone now. The only drawback is that my bass drum doesn't sit parallel with the front of the stage but now I can face the audience and the band directly so I'd really chalk it up as a win.

Thanks Derek.
Rock on Brother. It's amazing to me that drummers haven't figured this out on their own. Haha.
If you don't have my new DVD "Playing with your Drums"....pick it up when you get a chance. Only 12.99 and packed with useful info like that.
Glad it helped you....that's the point! Haha.

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Derek, how long will it take until your forum will be up again (after reworking)?
Will it be like 1-2 weeks? I'm missing it... haha.
Don't know as of yet Arky.
Honestly, I'm thinking that the forum won't come back. (I'll use my time to surf in and out of here more often).
What I'm trying to work out will be a "lessons site". Just a place where drummers can view different lessons, etc. Sorta like what I used to do with my Artisan foundry years ago. I think I want to bring back that whole concept.
I'll keep you posted here as to what is going on and a time frame it will be back up and running.
I have a cool vision about what I'd like to see but, just takes time and money.

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