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Default Re: Concert Behavior

This list is exactly why I don't go to many concerts anymore and just watch bands locally. And say what you will about classical music, but you don't have most of these issues when you go see the philharmonic play.

One behavior that really irritates me is during kid's recitals, the parents watch until their kid performs, then they get up and leave right after they are finished. Usually this takes place right as my kid is doing their part on stage. These parents can't sit still until there is a break in action or until the end?

Between recitals and graduation ceremonies, parents can't seem to keep their mouths shut. I am so sick of parents shouting, hooting and hollering during these events. Okay, you are proud of your kid. Do we need 15 relatives shouting at the top of their lungs when theire kid performs or is announced? At my daughter's high school graduation last year, some idiot had an air horn that he kept blasting when any kid he knew was announced. I almost shoved that air horn where the sun don't shine!
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