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Default Re: Concert Behavior

"to the guy screaming for a super obscure B-side from 15 years ago? Nobody thinks you're cool"

I think they should print that on all concert tickets. A year or two ago Biffy Clyro released a live album/concert film package called Revolutions // Live at Wembley. I managed to get tickets to see a screening of the film in Leicester Square [London] which the band attended for a brief Q&A with the fans and they played a short stripped-down set (acoustic guitar, cajon etc). As it happens they did play a couple of B-sides from singles taken from their first album: songs which the Biffier-Than-Thou fans are always complaining they have forsaken in favour of their more recent post-Puzzle catalogue.

When I got home I went on to one of their fan pages to just post a message saying thanks and well played etc when I saw a comment from some nobber who was complaining that not enough people were singing along to the old B-sides.
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