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Default Re: Who says unions aren't great?

Unfortunately the AFM-- in the NW, at least, seems to be interested only in the classical scene. I wish they were more ambitious about expanding their influence into the club scene-- preferably by lobbying for legislation to bolster it, in partnership with themselves. Government policy does make a difference with that kind of thing, and they're the ones in the best position to promote it. I'd join in a minute if they were actually interested in doing anything at all with my corner of the business.

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
My issue isn't necessarily with workers in a union, but the corruption of the union leadership. The fact that most unions vote one party only adds to my issues. My father refused to join the teacher's union, but still had to pay union dues.
Well, yeah, because the union is negotiating for benefits on his behalf. Unless you're in a so-called right-to-work state you are not allowed a free ride. Unions support parties that work in their interests, and right now only one party is doing that even part of the time.
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