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Default Re: How many of you have made the jump over to guitar?

I'm 40 and have been playing guitar since age 13. I've been in lots of bands and have played tons and tons of gigs (from little dive bars to large venues.) I've always been the lead guitar guy and I think I'm very accomplished on it.

During that time, I've made the fulltime switch to bass guitar twice. By that, I mean putting the guitar down and learning how to play the instrument like it was my main instrument (not a guitar player on bass guitar) AND also getting into gigging bands and getting lots of live experience on it.

Around 2 years ago, I made the switch from guitar again, but this time to drums. It's very challenging, since guitar and drums really don't have too much in common (not like guitar and bass anyway.)

I seem to re-energize myself by switching and becoming experienced and competent on different instruments. I gotta say that I like drums more than I ever imagined. I've rarely even touched a guitar in 2 years. No joke.

I love it and really have no immediate plans to switch back to a stringed instrument!

EDIT - Oh yeah, I'm already playing in three projects on drums, which includes gigging. I got up to speed fairly quickly by reading this forum, watching YouTube, etc... And of course, TONS and TONS of practice at home and rehearsals with the bands. I now consider myself a real drummer. Maybe not a killer drummer, but still...
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