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Default Re: Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

Yeah, I try not to hit the snare with my knuckles...bloody thing's hard.
I guess over the years learning to relax and not squeeze the sticks like you're holding a snake helps. Maybe i have graduated to the ability to use oak sticks, but those lessons early on must have scarred my psyche.
Anyway, you might try out the butt end stick thing. I've noticed over the last 6 months or so of doing it my stick breakage has been non-existent. Sure the hats and other cymbals chew on the right hand stick, but what ya gonna do?
Another thing is for some reason I have a bunch of sticks I have had no use for, (i.e. wood tips and smaller sizes). Don't know where i got 'em, but they're the butt now.
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