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Default Re: Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

Originally Posted by sonnygrabber View Post
Say man, I live in Aus too and sticks ain't cheap. I use Vic's and don't have too many problems generally. I usually wear 'em out before I break 'em.
Now I'll probably get told off by someone, but I've been conditioning myself to use the butt ends of the stick for hitting in my left (snare) hand. I just take a mostly worn stick, sand it a bit, notch a groove where the fulcrum is and smack! Big sound, monstrous rim shots. 2 for 1 sticks too.
I can't see how that would be a bad idea, marching band sticks don't even have a tip. The thing i wouldn't like about that is it would make the stick feel like i could damage something more easily. If i could make nylon tips i'd give it a go making my own sticks. I have access to very old quality timber and i can use a lathe alright.
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