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Default Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

I have been using Vic Firth sticks for a while now and i can't see myself buying another pair. They last me 2-3 weeks before they get a little split just past the tip that ends up splitting the stick in half. I have my cymbals on a slight angle, a don't hit ridiculously hard and my toms are nice and close together. I don't think it is my technique breaking them either. I had a very old pair of Zildjian sticks given to me and they lasted over a year and only recently broke from just simply wearing away. Over here in Aus a pair of Vic Firth are $20 so breaking them every 2-3 weeks is not cool. I want some more durable sticks. I'm about to give Vater a go. Any other suggestions? Here is a link so you can see my technique, excuse the music in the cover it's not my taste i just did it for fun and to hopefully get some more views.
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