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You folks in the cold weather regions at least have a heater and a nice warm house. I live in California and we don't have a heater in this house (or an air conditioner for that matter), and you know what? It is damn cold here. We don't have a heater at the studio either. Usually it's nice enough here, but the most extreme temperature conditions, hot or cold, I've experienced right here in California.

Coldest night of my life was my first night in March working at Yosemite in 1995. It was my birthday and my family was with me. I checked into my tent cabin, got some blankets, two of them, and went to dinner with my family. I should have stuck around the camp to get the maintenance guy to turn on my heat, but my sister had her kids with her getting restless. During dinner it began to snow so we hurried up, finished dinner, and drove me back to the camp. Luckily my sister gave me one more blanket from her car. They took off down the road and barely made it out of the valley because the snow was piling up quick. I was left with 3 blankets and a very cold night ahead of me. That's a kind of cold I'll never forget. I probably would have frozen if it hadn't been for that extra blanket my sister gave me.
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