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Default Re: Oh dear, what happened to Simon Phillips / TOTO ???

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Someone already said it, that Toto is irrelevant in the States. Now that I live over seas I see that the Europeans are really the only thing keeping Toto alive. Kinda reminds me of David Hasselhof's huge Germany success, or more currently, how Robbie Williams is huge in Europe but a complete nobody in the States (although he lives in L.A.). There are tons of decent pop acts here in England that won't get a wiff in the States. I never heard of Westlife until I moved here, and I have seen every American Idol since the beginning (Simon Cowell invented Westlife). Same thing with Will Young, the original Pop Idol. Something tells me most Americans will never hear of Shayne either (Xfactor winner, or whoever won it last year).

No offense intended, but it is pretty clear there is a pretty big musical difference across the pond at times. I think the Europeans like Toto, like they like a lot of things that are way behind the times (to an American). Like I said, no offense though, just an observation from living in the UK and my year in Germany.

It's not just Germany and Europe. They're HUGE in Europe, Japan AND South America. They even sold out the Hammersmith Apollo in England, Stu! =P And the Royal Albert Hall in 2004. It's just the United States that they have a problem reaching out to. I guess It's the same with a band like Journey. They're huge in USA but not as big in Europe.
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