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Default Re: Acceptable reasons for you to get up from the drums mid song?

I've never done this mid song. One time the bar owner wouldn't let us take a break, he kept saying just keep playing, we don't want to loose this crowd. he kept bringing us drinks too.

about 2 hours In I told the guys to play a song without drums and went and took a wizz.

another time I had to throw up and the bass was making it worse. I made it to the end of a song and asked them to play a song without drums and went and took care of business. felt much better and got back up for the next song.

We have had to stop playing mid song a few times because people fall into the stage and knock over gear, or dump a beer into a monitor. Something like that happens maybe once or twice a year.

There have been gigs were I wanted to pack it up and go home but I always stick it out. I am very stubborn.
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