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Default Re: How many of you have made the jump over to guitar?

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
I started playing guitar 3 months before I started playing drums. I would have to say that the more instruments you learn to play, the better you get at playing music in general. Also, the more chances you get to play more instruments with more people in more diverse situations, the more you discover your own "voice" in music...
I agree. There's so many instruments that look like fun. Wish we had time for all of them.

I've tried the guitar on a few occasions, but with ADHD it's hard for me to give it the amount of time and effort necessary to develop any skill. Perhaps it's why I find drumming so much fun though. We've always got so much going on back there don't we? It's been 15yrs and I'm still going at it! So there's something that keeps me going. I just don't feel that way when I hold other instruments.
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