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Default My Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

Here are some pics:

Custom Rivets - Drilled to be easily removed. Copyright Leo Yucht:

5x14 - Snare
8x12 - Tom
14x14 - Floor Tom
14x18 - Bass

Evans G1 - Tom and Bass batter
Evans J1 - Snare Batter
Stock Evans Resonant heads - Resonant toms and Snare
Stock Evans Batter head - Bass Drum Resonant head

14 inch Zildjian A Hihats (top from 60's, bottom from 70's)
20 inch Zildjain K Constantinople Ride w/ 2 rivets (drilled for 3)
21 inch Istanbul Sultan Jazz Ride
20 inch Zildjain A China High w/ 4 rivets (drilled for 8)

All Yamaha, Gibraltar, or Gretsch.
Mapex Falcon Bass Drum Pedal w/ custom beater

Whatchy'all think?
Play like no one is listening.

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