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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

Originally Posted by pm2112 View Post
I was researching custom drum sticks and stumbled across this story. Are there any other companies that do this the way CDX did? Is "Nick" going to be making sticks again?
There is a company called that does custom work, and their sticks are nice. The name is similar, it's not a typo :-)

Nick said he was doing something new as soon as possible. When that will be, I don't know.

I've had work done by Kenner drumsticks in the past. Not sure if they are still doing it. He had a pretty great product, but it got expensive.
I was using Kenner sticks for a couple years before I hooked up with Nick ('07 I think).
He was out of Kentucky if you do a search. I can't remember the town now.
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