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Default Re: Not able to attach files to my threads...

No, I use the Reply to Post on the top right hand corner of the previous post.I know how to attach files, i've done it before when I put up pics of my old Sonor kit. I don't use the quote reply unless I am actually going to use a quote from someone else's response. None of the things that you mention, MAD, are there. It doesn't give me an option to manage my attachments. Underneath the reply box, all I get are sections, in order:

Misc. options(option to show ur signature)
attach files, where it lists the type of files I can upload(where I should be able to attach files)
Thread subscription
Rate Thread
Thread Management

Thats all. I realize that there SHOULD be a section to attach files, trust me, Ive been on this forum long enough. But for some reason, its not coming up.
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