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Default Re: Who says unions aren't great?

Nice, Bermuda! If only the local AFM offered such perks!

To answer your question, without getting political, the people who don't think unions are great are people who don't understand what unions are about. I've talked with many people who are against unions, who spout the "talking points" they've heard, and don't have any real concept about what it means to be in a union, or know what unions actually do (besides "destroy America" and "take away our freedom" and other nonsense...) They also show strong resistance to listening to somebody talk about the good points of unions, as if by hearing about unions from somebody who actually has a clue about them, they might learn something or...*gulp*...*gasp*...change their mind on the issue. Maybe they're just upset because they didn't get to vote for the Oscars.
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