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Default Re: My favorite sticks

Well, like a lot of drummers tend to do, I've changed up my stick arsenal yet again. My main go-to stick, that I use 95% of the time now, is the wonderful Vater Los Angeles 5A wood tip. I've tried Vater sticks a few times over the years, and while I liked the quality of their sticks, they almost always felt heavy to me. I don't know what Vater has changed, if anything, but the LA 5A's I've been using for the last few months are the highest quality, best built, best feeling sticks I've played in quite some time. I like how the Vater 5A has a heavier front end for more throw, more of a rockin' 5A. Never say never, but I think I've found my forever stick.

For some of the smaller, quieter gigs I play, I'll cut my kit down to a 4 piece with 2 cymbals, and I'll use my Sweet ride as my main ride/crash (I normally use it as my big crash on my larger kit at louder gigs). My Sweet ride crashes very easily, and has decent stick definition if played lightly. I've found that the Vater Manhattan 7A, with its round wood tip, gets even more stick definition out of my Sweet for ride patterns vs. an acorn tip. So, right now its all Vater for me, and I'm very happy with my 2 stick arsenal.
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