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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? - Marc Vachon
age? 20
how long been playing? 3 years in November.
origin of user name? thinkintriplets came from my email addy. I just thought of it one day...
top 5 drummers? Josh Freese, Jimmy Chamberlin, Gene Hogland, Danney Carey, Spug!
make of drumkit? Pearl.
make of cymbal? Zildjan except for my ride which is a Sabian and an accent which is Paiste.
where do you practice? My house, and jam room located near 1 - Despised Icon and 2 - Cryptopsy!!!
are you in a band/s? At Hand (, and another death/crazy ass band that is still being 'processed'.
covers or originals? All Originals. But some covers include Live (Likini's Juice), Primus (Jerry), Tool (Sober, Schism), Matt Good (Apparations), Mudvayne (Death Blooms).
what style of music? A Hard rock. An alternative to rock (as in more heavy), and an alternative to metal (as in not AS heavy [vocally]).
favourite take out food? Chinese. Notthing beats steamed rice and green tea! :D
country? Canada!
one really odd fact about yourself? I'm a military brat; and at 20 years old have travelled half the world!
how did you start drumming? In a parody band in my grade 5 class called "The Goo Fighters". My drums consisted of two different sized cardboard boxes with tinfoil wrapped atop of them, as well as my mom's pot top. I still have that top today, and I beat it to hell!

p.s. - hope you like the color code! :D