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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
until i ran into drummerworld i thought i was the biggest bonzo fan around. having read all of the above posts i can put my two cents in here...


they said everest could not be climbed. then some one climbed it and now many people have climbed it. muscles, bones and brains...bonzo had them, elvin had them and i have them...we all do. it is ludicrous to suggest that ANY drummer cannot be emulated, or even far surpassed. if one person can do something, someone somewhere else, some other time will be able to do it and even perhaps do it fractionally better. Edmund hillary climbed the mountain, then others came along and did it faster, better and sometimes even with some sort of handicap.

all that remains then is to celebrate the pioneers and their creative spirits. bonzo rules for his own defined set of reasons. so too does elvin and buddy.

in my opinion i do not rank these three gentlemen against eachother. i love bonzo's work and respect the other two for theirs.

This sums it up just right. And it came from one of the "Bonham is my favorite" supporters who has an open mind about the entire world of drumming. When I see someone try to set up guidelines tellin' me that if I don't do X, Y or Z then I'm no real Bonham fan, that's no more than taking the path of some radical cult, except in not as harmful a way. And I don't think it does the memory of Bonham justice because it causes people to argue about stuff that shouldn't have to be argued.
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