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Default Re: Starting Acoustic Guitar - Over(freaking)whelmed

Originally Posted by Seasonedpro View Post
I took to drums very naturally. I had a red hot determination to learn them too. Never have I had that much determination to get over the learning curve with anything. The focus was immense. Where the hell has that gone? Getting married, having kids, working a regular job too...probably plays a role.

I deleted that part about having a good natural ear for music. Don't wanna sound cocky. I'm a humble cat. Just want to pick some brains on here.

Getting a guitar stand was surprisingly a great purchase. Probably pick up the guitar 10-20 times more per day than if it were to be sitting in a closet or on a bed in a guest room. Nice to have it staring at you in the face.

Theory is going to be a hard one for me to grasp. I can hear the differences but understanding the nuts and bolts behind it and breaking it down will be a challenge for my stupid brain. I'm such a visual and big picture thinker.
Theory In A Nut Shell:

get your chord book out. one that shows the shape of the chord as well as which note is the ROOT / 3(rd) / 5(th) / 7(th) / 9(th) / 13(th) etc.

3rd is what makes a chord major or minor. flatting (lowering the note) the third in a major chord makes it minor.

Root and 5th (omitting the 3rd) together make up a power chord. play with distortion. have big fun. distortion does not have to be loud, just crunchy. enjoy.

7th - 7ths can be raised or lowered. this is usually for jazz or more melodic music. the DOMINANT 7th is the one you will most usually play. the Dominant 7th is the "Oh Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!" chord heard at the end of many a blues tune. Major 7ths are really nice for jazz.

9ths are often used in funk.

13ths are often used in jazz and more melodic R&B. this is deep territory.
2nds and 4ths - are usually passing notes on the way to resolving to another chord. a way to spice it up a bit and are usually called suspended 2nds and suspended 4ths (sus 4) as written. simply...think of Sus 4 as the Amen chord at the end of a hymn.
Ahhhhhhhhhh-mennnnnnnnn. Ah is the Sus 4 which resolves to the (Men) regular old 3rd (major chord). notice how the ahhh feels unresolved ? like it's "Suspended" in mid air waiting for a grounding resolution ? Men is the resolve. regular old major chord.

ex. A Sus 4 resolves to A

you'll figure out what to do with Sus 2 and probably already have. think of Sus 2 and Sus 4 as the wiggle room surrounding a major chord. think of your regular old major chord as the center and 2 and 4 as a joystick toggle to center the chord on the (major) 3rd. a little left, a little right...and back to center.

that's it.
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